FOX is among the most influential and recognized media companies in the world, serving our country, our communities and our customers—who trust us to inform, connect and enrich their lives as engaged citizens. Audiences look to FOX for news, information, analysis and entertainment because they trust our dedication to the core values of our entire business: free inquiry, free speech and free expression.

We are purveyors of First Amendment activities and defenders of the U.S. Constitution and its rule of law. Our company will remain steadfast and focused on those core values in building a culture of trust, integrity and ethical behavior. FOX is uncompromisingly committed to being neutral arbiters of timely news, and we consider journalistic independence and editorial integrity to be sacrosanct. Through our opinion programming, we contribute to the marketplace of ideas by providing our audiences with engaging entertainment about virtually everything people care about—from politics to sports, business to health, natural disasters to uplifting stories of courage, hope and humanity.

Our foremost principles are the accuracy of information, clarity of opinion and quality of our content. To ensure this, we maintain strict separation between revenue sources and our news reporting and editorial opinions. We provide a platform for diverse perspectives, voices and views, always supporting relentless reporting and bold thoughts and opinions. We are innovators in sophisticated newsgathering methods, always searching for new ways to inform, engage and inspire audiences in both traditional and new media.

We provide a platform for diverse perspectives, voices and views, always supporting relentless reporting and bold thoughts and opinions

Today, our business also extends to such diverse subjects as online consumer financial services, video-on-demand television and movie services, animation production and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As our business expands, we must be mindful always that we extend and apply our principles to meet these new challenges and opportunities.

To keep the trust placed upon us, we conduct our business with utmost integrity. That’s not just an obligation—it’s part of our identity and drives our success. It defines every decision we make. Maintaining these high standards requires the commitment and help of each employee, officer and director. It’s a shared responsibility that’s a non-negotiable part of our jobs.

These Standards will help you identify potential integrity issues and give you guidance on how to deal with such situations. They are organized into three key sections that discuss how our commitment to ethics and integrity is the foundation of all we do: Trust in our Business and Broadcast Ethics; Trust in the Workplace; and Trust in the Integrity of Our Colleagues. It’s important to read and understand all of the information laid out here. In some places, hyperlinks lead to more detailed information that you should review as well. And we are all in this together, so please talk to your colleagues, report to your supervisor or seek guidance from Human Resources, the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, or an attorney in the Legal Department if you witness wrongdoing or are ever in the least bit uncertain of how best to navigate challenging situations.    


We always follow the law and practice good citizenship.

We always engage in fair competition, protect our intellectual property, and respect the intellectual property and proprietary information of others.

We uphold rigorous accuracy and honesty in our financial records and in our dealings with business partners, competitors and suppliers.


We treat each other fairly and with respect, establishing a high trust environment where people can do their best work.

We share a responsibility to maintain a safe, supportive and productive workplace.


Each of us acts in the best interests of FOX, and we don’t do anything that would bring FOX into disrepute.

If we learn of anything that raises concerns about whether FOX’s best interests are being served, we bring it to the attention of the appropriate people in the Company.

Who must follow the SBC?

Each director, officer and employee of FOX companies must act according to the principles set forth in the Standards of Business Conduct (SBC). We also expect everyone working on our behalf, including consultants, agents, suppliers and business partners, to adhere to our ethical standards. Never ask a third party to perform any act that would violate these Standards.

It is the responsibility of every employee, officer and director to read and understand the SBC

What are our responsibilities as FOX colleagues?

Read and understand FOX’s SBC. Every employee must read and understand the SBC. The SBC may be updated from time to time. Please check the online version of the SBC on the FOX website regularly for updates. In the event that the online version contradicts the hard-copy version, the online SBC takes precedence.

Read and understand the policies applicable to your job and business unit

Learn the details of policies applicable to your job. In addition to the SBC, both FOX and your business unit have other policies that apply to various aspects of your job. Some examples are FOX policies dealing with: Insider Trading, maintaining a Harassment-Free Workplace, avoiding Bribery and Corruption, interacting with Government Officials, protecting Electronic Communications, practicing responsible Records Management, and complying with antitrust and competition laws, among others, as well as those policies specific to your particular business unit. Be sure you learn and understand those other policies and abide by them. All such policies are available either from your Human Resources department or on the One FOX employee application.

The Chief Executive Officer and FOX’s senior financial officers—defined as the principal financial officer and the principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing similar functions—have heightened responsibilities under the law. They must ensure that information reported in our public communications and reports filed with the SEC are full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable.

If you have questions about anything in the SBC or our policies, it is your obligation as an employee to raise those questions promptly with a manager in Human Resources, FOX’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, or an attorney in the Legal Department. Sometimes our work will require us to operate overseas. When that happens, there could be a conflict between the applicable laws of two or more countries in which we do business, or between the SBC or FOX policy and local law. In these situations, it is very important to raise any issues you may find so that we can resolve the problem correctly.

Promptly raise any concerns about any actual or potential violations of policies with the appropriate people within the Company. People are often reluctant to expose the wrongdoing or potential wrongdoing of others, due to loyalty, fear or other reasons. It is understandable that no one wants to be the one who “tells.” But we have a duty to our shareholders and our colleagues to make sure that our business practices are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards. If we fail or delay to address a concern, matters may become worse, including for the wrongdoer. FOX strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report about suspected wrongdoing, so anyone should feel safe raising concerns. See the information below regarding FOX’s Alertline, which can be used to confidentially report concerns about suspected wrongdoing.

We have a duty to our shareholders and our colleagues to make sure that our business practices are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards

Cooperate with audits and compliance investigations. Some reports of potential violations will lead to investigation by the Company. It is our duty to cooperate with any FOX compliance investigation to the fullest extent and to always tell the complete truth to those investigating the problem. Our auditors help us ensure we are adhering to our ethical and business standards. We cooperate with them fully and completely. Failure to cooperate with or any effort to obstruct a company investigation is cause for termination of employment.


FOX’s Alertline allows employees to report concerns (anonymously if they wish) in two ways:

  • Through a dedicated, domestic/international toll-free telephone number (844-809-9347) available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Translation services are available through Alertline; or
  • Using a secure website located at