Trust begins in the workplace every single day. We are committed to fostering a high trust work environment for our colleagues, which is the kind of environment where people do their best work. Unlawful harassment, discrimination, retaliation and threats to health and safety all undermine our high trust environment and make it harder for people to excel. Therefore, it is our policy to provide a safe work environment free from this or any other unlawful conduct.

All the guidelines regarding our workplace extend beyond the physical premises of FOX companies to include anyone conducting FOX business or representing FOX, wherever they may be, as well as attendance at FOX-sponsored events.

We are committed to a high-trust work environment

Equal Opportunity: We maintain a strong policy of equal opportunity for all of our employees and applicants for employment and are committed to complying with all of our obligations under applicable laws. Just as we succeed as a company through excellence, hard work and fair competition, we want our employees to succeed through those same qualities.

No Discrimination: We make all employment-related decisions (hiring, promotion, compensation, etc.) without regard to unlawful considerations such as race, color, religion, age, nationality, sex, gender, disability, or military or veteran’s status.

No Harassment: We endeavor to ensure that the workplace is free of bullying and harassment, whether that harassment is sexual in nature or is based on any characteristic protected by applicable law. It is our policy to investigate promptly and thoroughly any complaint of discrimination or harassment and to take remedial measures if FOX determines there has been a violation of FOX’s policy against such conduct.

Report Misconduct: We understand that if we witness or experience or discrimination, we should report such conduct to a manager in Human Resources, an attorney in the Legal Department, or by contacting FOX’s Alertline at 844-809-9347 or

Each of us has an obligation to report harassment or discrimination

Health and Safety: We observe all applicable health, safety, environmental and labor laws and strive for a safe and healthy work environment.

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities: We make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities in accordance with applicable laws.

Drug-Free Workplace: We maintain a workplace free of alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs.

Data Privacy: We respect the privacy rights of employees in how FOX handles personal data, consistent with the Electronic Communications Policy applicable to your business unit.

Crisis Management: We work to prepare appropriate crisis management plans and participate in any emergency drills and planning that our business units may institute.

On-Site Security: We follow the procedures established at each FOX site for access and security.

Safeguarding FOX’s Reputation and Property

Avoiding Risk to Reputation: FOX’s reputation and integrity are among our most valuable assets. Therefore, we are always careful to be sure that we don’t do anything that would harm that reputation or that would otherwise bring FOX into disrepute.

We protect FOX’s reputation and assets and respect those of other companies

Personal Gain: We do not improperly use FOX property, information or position for personal gain.

Protection of Company Assets: We protect FOX assets from theft, carelessness, waste and misuse, and we respect the property rights of others.

Electronic Communications: We comply with the Electronic Communications Policy applicable to our business unit regarding the appropriate use of FOX systems and proper conduct of online activity.

Intellectual Property: If you see or suspect that FOX  has been infringed upon by an unauthorized party, immediately report the matter to an attorney in the Legal Department or email


Safeguarding Company Information

Confidentiality: We strictly maintain the confidentiality of FOX’s information, taking care not to divulge it even to family and friends, and sharing such information only with other employees with a legitimate need to know, unless otherwise properly directed by management. Since accidental disclosure can be just as damaging to FOX as intentional disclosure, we take every precaution not to discuss  in public places, to keep careful possession of confidential documents, and to safeguard electronic information and systems against unauthorized access, loss and misuse. The obligation to maintain the confidentiality of FOX information continues even after an employee or director has left the company, whether or not there is a non-disclosure agreement.

Protect FOX’s confidential information

Security: We all share responsibility for the security of FOX’s IT systems and confidential information. Always follow the FOX End User Information Protection Policy, and immediately report anything suspicious to your IT department.

Document Retention: Be sure to read and follow the instructions contained in any litigation or document hold notice or preservation order that a member of the Legal Department circulates regarding a potential lawsuit, legal dispute or investigation. If no hold notice is in effect, then be sure to properly and diligently maintain and dispose of records in accordance with the FOX Records Management Policy and accompanying Records Retention Schedule that applies to your business unit.

Discussion of Legal Matters: Speaking about FOX legal matters to others, even to family members or fellow colleagues, may jeopardize the attorney-client privilege, possibly resulting in the loss of FOX’s right to keep communications with its attorneys confidential from adversaries. This is a very serious breach and should be avoided under all circumstances. Therefore, if a FOX attorney, whether employed by FOX or by an outside law firm, discusses any FOX legal matter with you, you may not speak to anyone about the matters that were discussed without the prior approval of the attorneys who are handling the matter. Generally speaking, if you have information that may be relevant to a FOX legal matter, you should not discuss the information with others, even if you do not consider the information confidential. Aside from the privilege issues, repeating information to others can easily create confusion and turn otherwise uninvolved people into witnesses.

FOX Access to Communications: All electronic information created on FOX-owned mobile devices, or transmitted to FOX property or IT systems using any means of electronic communication (including via a personal mobile device or account), is the property of FOX. Employees should not assume that any such electronic communications are private or confidential and should transmit personal, sensitive information in other ways.

FOX reserves the right to access and review electronic files, messages, internet use, blogs, “tweets”, instant messages, text messages, email, voicemail, and other digital media and archives, including photos, videos, and screenshots, and to monitor the use of electronic communications, as necessary to ensure that no misuse of FOX IT systems or violation of FOX policy or law occurs, as well as to respond to law enforcement demands or legal process. All such information may be used and/or disclosed to others in accordance with business needs and the law.

FOX personnel understand and agree that they have no expectation of privacy with respect to either personal use of FOX-issued mobile devices, nor personal information transmitted to or through FOX’s IT systems. Such information may be disclosed to persons other than the intended recipients of such messages.

Importantly, FOX personnel who use a FOX-issued or personal mobile device for FOX business purposes, understand and agree the Company may be required to collect and review FOX business-related files, screenshots, photos, and communications on such device.

Except in rare circumstances, when communicating regarding business, FOX personnel are prohibited from using messaging platforms with settings designed to leave no record of communications – e.g., “disappearing” messaging applications – whether using a FOX-issued mobile device or a personal mobile device.